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Stone Undercut Anchor Fastener


➢ Performance under assessment by BIS

➢ Prevents damaging spinning lock or undercut elements during installation.

➢ Appropriate undercut with optimized sleeve size and prevention to spinning after installation.

  • Material: Stainless Steel Grade SS 316.
  • Packing Type: Box, Carton
  • Surface Finishing: Polished
  • Corrosion Resistance: Yes
  • Product category: Premium


Application: Sandstone cladding, Marble cladding, Limestone cladding, Nature stone facade and Granite cladding, etc.


It is installed inside the stone panel by cutting rebate with special drill and fixing with lock & key system which bears the load. Adhesive for fixing is not required.







Trixel ATR-UCS anchor installed behind the stone.

Trixel –(TWA). Wedge Anchor to be fixed on concrete.